SNL Almost Pizza Sketch Lampoons DiGiorno, Leaves Pizza Lovers in Stitches


In one of the best fake commercials of the season, SNL veterans Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, and Nasim Pedrad lampoon DiGiorno frozen pizza and its slogan: “It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno.”

The sketch begins with Wiig offering her husband “Almost Pizza,” a product from a refashioned but recognizable DiGiorno box. It looks like a puffy and somewhat unappetizing pepperoni pizza. Hader, dressed like a husband, says, “It’s pizza,” while Wiig maintains, “It’s almost pizza.” And then ensues a discussion, with Hader becoming more and more suspicious of the product. Wiig further provokes his suspicion by saying, “It’s practically pizza in every way except for a few key ways.”

Their daughter, played by Nasim Pedrad in a blond wig, appears and is excited about the dinner, too. But Hader is beginning to wonder if the product is even food. Wiig pretends to eat a piece in profile but really just pushes it behind her face and the jig is up. The slice falls onto the floor, cracking like china, then reforms itself and scampers across the room. The family screams, jumps up on things, and tries to get as far away from the slice as possible as it scampers under the fridge.

Voiceover: “It’s almost dinner, almost time for Almost Pizza.”