Fabulous Interview With Roslyn Kind!


A sumptuous singer and a really fun person, Roslyn Kind is coming to Brooklyn College for a concert on Saturday, April 28, at 8 p.m., accompanied by piano.

On IMDb, it says she’s Barbra Streisand‘s half sister, James Brolin‘s sister-in-law, Josh Brolin‘s step-aunt, and Elliott Gould‘s ex-sister-in-law, but believe me, Roslyn is very much her own person, with talent and personality to spare.

The Brooklyn-born dynamo has been singing since her tonsils came in — and she’s a truly lively talker, too.

Here’s our interview.

Hi, Roslyn! You need a Wikipedia page.

Roslyn: I know. My sister’s picture comes up! We’re trying to figure out how to fix that.

Thank God for your website.

And I’m on Facebook. I don’t post that often — only when I have something to say, like birthday wishes, and so on.

Good. I’m so bored with people who tell you they just made lentil soup. So you’re coming back to NYC?

Yes. I haven’t been in a while other than bar and bat mitzvahs for my family on the other side of the river. I don’t know how to use the trains anymore! In 2006, I had to relearn how to go from east to west. Growing up, it was the IRT, the BMT, and the IND. That was it — finished.

I know. I took the train recently and somehow ended up in Queens! But one good new development is that certain stations have boards that flash the estimated arrival time of, say, the No. 6.

But I have to know where the No. 6 is going! And my eyes are not what they used to be.

What songs will you do at Brooklyn College? Standards?

Sometimes a contemporary standard. Like “Can You Read My Mind?” And the Baker’s Wife song, “Meadowlark.”

I love that song. It’s always been a big audition number. But please don’t do the big audition song for boys — “Corner of the Sky”.

I did that years ago! [She starts singing it for me.]

Pippin is one show that hasn’t been revived.

And Applause. I would have loved to play Eve. When I saw it years ago, I saw myself in that role. I so related.

A backstabbing bitch? [Laughs.]

It’s a part of my soul that I don’t get to play. It must be in there.

You’d probably have to play Margo now. Sorry. Just laying down the law here. Eve is a kid.

Isn’t that terrible? [Laughs.]

Speaking of age and musicals, what do you think about the debate as to whether Barbra can play Mama Rose in Gypsy?

I think she can play anything.

Then you should be Eve. Hey, maybe you can be Gypsy!

That’s right! [Laughs.]

You’re so amazing as a performer. But do you feel like you’re at home onstage or do you ever get an attack of insecurity and think, “What am I doing here?”

I never feel like, “What am I doing?” You always have that adrenaline. If you’re not nervous before you go on, then something’s wrong. My biggest thing is I want to make people happy and do something positive for people. I love it if I see someone who’s not smiling — I get them to smile by the end of the show. Sometimes I put a microphone in someone’s face and get them to sing along. It’s so hard in this time of anxiety, and I want to make people smile.

And you do! See you at your concert!

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