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Name Your Most Obscure Celebrity Connection


People who try to impress you at parties always tend to fall back on the same sad name droppings:

Merv Griffin once came into my shop — when he was alive, of course. He walked right back out, but I could have sworn he looked at me first.”

“My cousin is friends with someone whose hairdresser once baby-sat Lea Michele.”

Or my particular favorite (because I’ve uttered it myself):

“I went to school with Kim Stanley‘s daughter and we were even in a play together, though nowadays she won’t answer my Facebook requests!”

Every time you hear something of that ilk, you want to make a pukey face, then reach down to the floor to pick up the dropped name and try to undo the mess.

But it’s time to fess up, folks. We don’t just hear this stuff, we say it.

We all have these celeb-dropping stories that we dine on whenever we feel insecure and need validation.

So tell me yours.

The lower, more pathetic, and vaguer, the better — even if it involves a reality star.

And thank you to for the idea.

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