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Queens Supreme Court Canceled Foreclosure Sales Again Last Friday


Two weeks after the Queens Supreme Court abruptly canceled its foreclosure auction amid potential interference from protestors, the sales have yet to get back on track.

Last Friday, the court called off another sale, citing lack of properties listed.

But a scan through the listings showed that at least 4 properties (501 Beach 66th Street; 110 212th Street; 34-21 96th Street; and 24-40 Shore Boulevard) were set to be sold.

Mr Miles, a private investor who made the trip out to Queens from the Bronx, was visibly frustrated with the canceled sales.

“Ever since they had those protests, the courts have been paranoid,” he said. “Taking our phones, making us wait in lines, it’s bullshit.”

Much like the canceled sale from two weeks ago, representatives from the court were once again vague about why there was no sale. Unlike last time though, there were no protests planned.

One of the homeowners, Jasmine Mable, was in attendance. She was obviously relieved that her home, a two-story home in Queens Village, was spared from being sold, but the threat of eviction still looms.

“I don’t know what happened today, but there will probably be another sale so it’s just a matter of time,” said the 38-year-old Mable, who claims she’s a victim of sub-prime loan.

“I fell behind on my mortgages when I lost my job,” said the former marketing associate. “I’ve been trying to negotiate with Bank of America to modify my loan for years but they’ve been unresponsive.”

Mable filed for bankruptcy last August, and have been to several loss mitigation hearings, the red tape and murky rules have made it hard to keep up with the system.

“I am just thankful the sale was canceled, for whatever reason,” she said. “If it’s because of those protestors, then thank the lord for them.”

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