“What About the Good Things Hitler Did?” Probably Was A Bad Headline Choice By Rutgers Student Newspaper


There’s a sure-fire way to draw the ire of, well…just about everyone: write a newspaper article with the headline “What About the Good Things Hitler Did?” and then attribute it to a Jewish college kid who didn’t even write it — which is exactly what a satirical newspaper at Rutgers University did last week.

The Daily Medium, in an April Fools’ Day parody issue spoofing the Daily Targum — Rutgers’ actual student newspaper — published an article last week with the aforementioned headline and under the byline of Aaron Marcus, a Jewish student who says his relatives died in the Holocaust.

The article argues that the slaughtering of millions of people aside, Hitler and his goose-stepping cronies are responsible for a lot of good things, like Volkswagens and advancements in jet-engine technology. It goes further to argue that Jews should thank Hitler because without his “final solution” to the “Jewish problem,” Israel never would have been established as a homeland for Jews.

As we mentioned, Marcus didn’t even write the article, and he was apparently pretty pissed off when he saw it under his byline.

Attempts to reach Marcus this morning were unsuccessful, but the New York Daily News caught up with him this afternoon.

From the Daily News:

“‘The Medium has a right to freedom of speech, but what’s different in this is that they took my name and took my image to publish an anti-Semitic diatribe, to praise Hitler,’ Marcus told the Daily News.

‘So while they have a right to freedom of speech, they don’t have a right to tarnish my reputation.’

Marcus, who said the fake article was especially painful because many
of his ancestors died in the Holocaust, said he was targeted because he
is a Jewish columnist.

‘If I weren’t Jewish, and if I weren’t pro-Israel, they wouldn’t have
used this Hitler reference,’ he said. ‘Primarily, toward the end of the
piece where it says, ‘If you’re happy that Israel is around, thank
Hitler.’ That’s clearly targeted toward my religious and political

Marcus goes on to tell the paper that antisemitism on the Rutgers
campus is running wild and that he feels like he was targeted by the
satirical newspaper because he’s a Jewish, pro-Israel columnist for the
Daily Targum.

Rutgers University President Richard McCormick issued a statement about the article last week.

“No individual student should be subject to such a vicious, provocative
and hurtful piece, regardless of whether First Amendment protections
apply to such expression,” McCormick says in the statement. “The Medium’s article was
particularly despicable in light of Mr. Marcus’ Jewish faith.”

Marcus has since filed a bias complaint with the university against the newspaper.

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