George Zimmerman’s Lawyers Quit: Is Anyone Surprised?


A few short hours after The Real George Zimmerman wowed the world with his, uh, grammatical skills and love of Old Glory, the news broke that his legal team has bailed.

Sure, you could spend time listening to legal analysts weighing in on these recent developments. But, the fact is that the attorneys’ abandonment of Zimmerman isn’t shocking. At all.

After Zimmerman retained Craig Sonner, an Orlando Sentinel investigation soon put to question whether the lawyer could handle the case.

For starters, “He had never defended a client accused in a homicide.”

Nevertheless, the proprietor of a one-person law firm told reporters: “I believed his story of how he was defending himself…I’ve already got a number of experts lined up to take this one… I don’t think we’re going to have a problem exonerating George Zimmerman.”

And then there was that March 26 incident with Lawrence O’Donnell, who hosts “The Last Word” on MSNBC. Sonner bailed minutes before airtime, leaving the anchor “fuming and spending several minutes angrily interviewing an empty chair.”

Sonner then linked to a Jon Stewart piece spoofing the O’Donnell fiasco on his practice’s website, the news section of which only seems to have been active since he became involved in the Trayvon Martin case. Of the bit, he wrote “Funny Video.”

Enter Hal Uhrig, said to sporadically work with Sonner (who also moonlights as a Cub Scout leader and martial arts expert.)

Uhrig used “shaken baby syndrome” to defend Zimmerman’s actions, Reuters reports. (To answer your questions: Yes, both are members of the Florida Bar in good standing, and neither have a disciplinary history in the last 10 years.)

Granted, it’s not unheard of that a low-profile defense lawyer will pick up a high-profile case. Remember that Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez handled child support and bikini companies before acquitting his client.

Uhrig and Sonner have officially cited Zimmerman’s sudden lack of communication with them — and decision to contact the special prosecutor and chat with Sean Hannity — as their reason to withdraw from the case.

Some reports, however, suggest that they might be open to advising him — but not defending him per se.

The Voice will keep you posted with any updates.


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