Mark Ruffalo Lied! He Is Well Endowed!


Remember my blog that linked to an interview with Mark Ruffalo claiming his skin-tight Avengers suit wasn’t flattering because he doesn’t happen to be well-endowed?

Well, a friend of mine says that’s such a lie that Mark’s nose (or something) should start growing in leaps and bounds, Pinocchio-style.

This friend once went to a screening of In the Cut, the ominously titled 2003 drama starring Ruffalo and Meg Ryan.

And it was a cut of In the Cut that showed that Mark Ruffalo is definitely cut.

Let me explain:

For some reason, they screened a version in which Mark was full-frontal, and his package was quite sizable, thank you.

When my friend told this to Ruffalo recently, the actor said, “That had to be a European cut. The frontal shots were intended only for the European version.”

Apparently this happens a lot. Stars are exclusively willing to flash for people who don’t speak English, for some kooky reason or another.

For America, they’re modest and sadly dignified.

To back this up, let me tell you that the European cut of the Lars von Trier classic Breaking the Waves has Stellan Skarsgard flouncing his giant thing around!

Off to Amazon as we speak.

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