Maybe This Is the Pie You’ve Been Waiting For All Your Life: Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza


Maybe we’re living in the wrong country: The British rendition of Pizza Hut seems much more adventuresome in their pizza tinkerings. In this case, they’ve invented a pie with a hot dog, or maybe hot dogs, baked into the circumferential edge of the crust, known to cognoscenti as “The Bone.”

Actually, one hopes against hope that it’s just a single, very long hot dog shaped into a perfect circle, like the old tenement light fixture called “The Landlord’s Halo.” That would be worth having on its own!

Indeed, the photo seems to show a weenie protruding — perhaps looking a little too much like the head of a circumcised penis — as if there were a gap at the end of pie. But maybe that’s just for the purposes of demonstrating what’s inside the crust.

According to the box copy, the thing comes with “a mustard drizzle,” and what the hell is that, we wonder? Isn’t that foodie-speak? And is the drizzle on the hot dog inside the crust? Or just tossed around on the surface of the pie? The photo offers no clue, except that the pie seems to have cheese, green bell pepper, and pepperoni among its toppings.

Of course, we have a wonderful hot dog pie in NYC, available at Lievito Pizzeria, but those franks are sliced and sprinkled around the top, “drizzled,” if you will. Nevertheless, if you close your eyes and chew, the effect must be the same.

If only Lievito had put the hot dog (“wurstel”) inside the crust!

[Via] Thanks to SF correspondent Tracy Van Dyk for the link.

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