Where To Find NYC’s Best Dim Sum? It Might Just Be at Aqueduct Racetrack


Ever seen this sort of dim sum before? The black and white pearl shrimp dumplings at Genting Palace.

When my friend Mike Epstein (@mikepstein) heard a vague rumor about dim sum being served at Aqueduct Racetrack, rather than guffaw he grabbed 10 friends this past Saturday and headed out on the A train. [Update: Epstein’s rumor came from Aaron Sugiura (@aaronaaron123) — credit where credit is due!]

The pork shumai were perfectly formed and generously sized.

Genting Palace is a recently opened Chinese restaurant situated on the third floor of the casino glued onto the north end of the old racetrack. The place boasts large round tables, a couple of private rooms, amazingly clean fish and crab tanks, strange dangling light fixtures, and a view of the pony action on the oval below through big picture windows. There’s also an outdoor balcony seating area for use in fine weather. Who ever heard of outdoor dim sum?

The dim sum is ordered from a menu — the carts rarely come ’round — and is of a mainly predictable sort. Nevertheless, it is pristine in its freshness, and generously sized, aimed at discerning Chinese high-rolling gamblers who don’t take no guff.

Pending a longer review of the whole place in The Village Voice a few weeks hence, here are some of the dim sum selections we enjoyed most.

The cheong fun come in five variations, rather than the usual two — seen here is the “shrimp and golden chives” version.

The braised chicken feet were falling-off-the-cartilage tender.

Teo Chew shrimp dumplings

The stuffed bean curd skin was particularly scrumptious.

The table in the foreground is waiting for you and your pals.

But this is still a racetrack, after all.

Racetrack wranglers and their admirers

Genting Palace
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