Does Your Job Suck? A New Depressing Report Will Tell You!


A rundown of the 200 best and worst jobs of 2012 has been circulating today, and if your career path puts you between 101-200 on the ranking, you might wonder whether you made a wrong choice (or many) in your life.

You might also wonder how you can hide the stats from your parents, who would probably love nothing more than to tell you that you should have become a software engineer (no.1) just like they said, rather than a newsbroad (no. 196).

No matter! Rankings aren’t everything. And happiness can’t be measured by some boring, cold, hard facts, right?

Right!, which compiled the info, determined that the worst jobs were characterized by “physical labor, declining job opportunities, a poor work environment, and high stress.”

Sure, the latte-sipping software engineer who pulls around 90K yearly and gets to work in his pajamas sounds like he’s having a blast. But maybe the lumberjack (no. 200) who risks life and limb for 32 grand per year — in a declining job market — is equally happy?

Indeed, one lumberjack tells the Wall Street Journal: “These trees, there’s so much power involved in moving them. A 20,000-pound log can swing around like a baseball bat and hit you…You risk your life every single day out here and you get paid very little for what [you] actually do…”

Still: “There were times when I thought maybe I should do something different,” he said. “[But] I don’t like desks.”

Well, that actually doesn’t sound so cheery. Like, at all.

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