Enough With The Sad-Gay Movies, Says Critic


“I think I’m done with the sad-gay man drama,” writes film critic John DiLeo in his new book of essays.

Mind you, DiLeo raved about Brokeback Mountain, loved Sean Penn’s performance in Milk, and admired a lot about A Single Man.

But he’s right in pointing out that it would be nice to also have more contemporary gay scenarios filmed, ones with gay characters who actually live at the end of the film.

“It is important to have our stories told,” DiLeo concedes, “our history acknowledged, and our heroes celebrated, but movies like Milk simply aren’t enough anymore.

“What I am ready for,” he concludes, “is the movie in which Colin Firth and Hugh Grant get married, or the one in which George Clooney and Brad Pitt adopt kids together, or the drama about Sean Penn and Johnny Depp getting involved in the battle for marriage equality, or the triangular romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

“Please let’s broaden the spectrum of what constitutes a gay movie.

“Who will be man enough to take the next step?”

I guess it was Lisa Cholodenko, lol.

Her The Kids Are All Right, which came out after DiLeo’s essay was written, showed contemporary lesbians with issues but working them out — and still breathing.

As for the males, Beginners had a happy gay, but he died, and Weekend spread some joy and was contempo, but it was small.

Come on, Hollywood. Spread some gay sunshine.

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