Faye Dunaway Coming To Broadway!


Here are Faye‘s latest tweets:

April 5:
“Apartment hunting starts Monday.”

April 7:
“Almost closed on my new place in NYC.”

[Gee, that was fast! Monday hadn’t even come yet!]

April 9:
“How I’ve missed the hustle and bustle of NYC. Glad to be back.”

[Yay! Welcome back, princess!]

April 9:
“How frustrating this can be. Oh, well. This is life.”

[Not sure what Faye was reacting to, but whatever it was, this sounds like a wondrous new philosophy for her.]

And finally, late last night:

“I will be on Broadway again.”

Did she mean right away — which is why she’s zoomed back to NYC — or just in general?

Not sure, but as somene on All That Chat said, “You can definitely rule out Sunset Boulevard.”