Franco Express


It has been about a millisecond since we last mentioned James Franco, which means we’re way overdue. The Oscar-nominated actor, who juggles a jam-packed scholarly life and a fruitful career as an artist and author in between movies, is now releasing The Dangerous Book Four Boys. Unlike Palo Alto, his debut short-story collection, The Dangerous Book Four Boys is an art book with images from his first solo exhibition of the same name, which took place at the Clocktower Gallery in Tribeca in 2010. The book plays out as a capsule of the show that Franco says “is about memories, real and imagined,” featuring a wooden rocket, a “plastic house,” various video installations, photography, and sculptures. Tonight, our modern Renaissance man will chat with author Rick Moody and artist Laurel Nakadate at the Strand. The catch? You’ll have to buy his book to attend. (It’s 50 bucks.)

Fri., April 13, 7 p.m., 2012