Madonna’s Album Took a Record Nosedive, Say Insiders


I’m happy for Madonna‘s longevity.

I don’t agree with all the ageist complaints about her.

I realize the decks are stacked harder against the woman because of these prejudices.

And I applaud her for using a crafty array of marketing devices to try staying on top, as she’s always done.

The other day, I wrote about how her MDNA album went to number one, partly because those who paid for concert tickets got the option of a free CD, and those “comps” were included in the chart statistics as if paid for.

Well, it’s not number one anymore.

According to early figures from sources, Madonna seems to have dropped from 359,000 sales in her inflated first week to just 46,000 in her second week.

Adds a source of my own:

“If true, that drop of 88 percent is the biggest drop in SoundScan history (since 1991) from a debut week to a second week.

“Not surprisingly, the record was previously held by Lady Gaga‘s album last year, which dropped 84 percent from its inflated first-week numbers of 1 million (with 600,000 of those sold at 99 cents).”

Really? That’s actually terrific for Madonna.

At least she can say, “I broke Gaga’s record!”

Anyway, I will update this blog’s comments as more solid data comes in.

If the competition is Lionel Richie, I actually hope Madge stayed at number one.

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