National Rifle Association *Hearts* New York: Report


New York might boast the most anti-gun mayor in the U.S., but that hasn’t stopped the National Rifle Association from pouring more cash into Empire State campaign coffers than any other place in the county.

The NRA has long done battle with Mike Bloomberg’s demands for microstamping on bullet casings, which supporters describe as an anti-crime measure. But the Association, which criticizes microstamping as costly and unreliable, has shot back at Bloomberg’s efforts by giving New York pols and PACs $217,400 since 2003, according to a New York Daily News investigation.

Some more staggering stats?

Some 50 percent of this money got doled out in 2010 after a Democrat-supported micro-stamping measure was crushed in the legislature.

And shortly before the G.O.P. wrested control of the state Senate in 2010, the NRA “splashed $92,500 to the state Senate REpublican Campaign Committee.”

The National Shooting Sports Foundation — a firearm trade group — injected an additional $103,500, counting 80K to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee in 2010.

Now, it looks like a lot of this opposition stems from the fact that the NRA fears a “domino effect” — that microstamping in New York could set off a series of similar initiatives nationwide.

But, it’s necessary to note gun lobby green appears to have broader implications on local lawmaking. Last month, parts of the domestic violence legislation package met opposition from firearms proponents. Some had argued that measures barring domestic abusers from having guns posed a threat to gun rights.


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