Taiwanese Night Market Will Bring Bao and Beer to Your Evening


If you wanted to sample honey jasmine cupcakes, pork-belly baos, and Taiwanese sausages without walking more than a couple of feet, the opportunity is finally here. Taiwanese cultural organization TAP New York is hosting a Taiwanese night market in Tribeca on Friday from 7 to 10 pm.

“We wanted to support the community and build cultural awareness,” TAP New York president Bob Wu says.

It’s the organization’s first night market, and they’re pulling out all the stops. The food lineup includes Taiwanese fried chicken, sausages, bubble tea, snow shaved ice, and, for beer enthusiasts, hard-to-come-by Taiwanese beer (courtesy of Taiwan Beer themselves). But not all of the food is strictly traditional. According to Wu, the event will have an eclectic mix of Taiwanese-American sweets unique to New York, like black sesame and honey jasmine cupcakes.

There will also be a photo booth, Taiwanese games, a DJ, three live performances, and, dare we say it, a belly dancer.

The only caveat is that the event will be held indoors, which is unlike the traditional night market setup. But it’s Manhattan, and with the unpredictable weather, especially at night, it’s a deviation that’s easily overlooked. The event will be inside at the Downtown Community Television Center at 87 Lafayette Street.

There are 12 food vendors, and attendees get free tastings of all the food.

Unfortunately tickets are now sold out, but Google Places is raffling off 10 tickets, and the desperate have been crowding out to Facebook to see if there is anyone willing to sell off their tickets.

“We’ve had people email us begging for tickets and say it’s their birthday or their mom’s birthday,” Wu admits. “We’re going to try to see if there’s more space available, but there’s no guarantee.”