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When Kate Winslet whispered the cheesy line “I’ll never let go” to Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic—which, if you didn’t hear, is now back in theaters in 3-D—who knew that Gemini & Scorpio would be holding her to those words? The party gals, famously known for their Russian Baths parties, pay tribute to the decadence that the Titanic represented with the Drowned Ball the week after the 100th anniversary of the ship’s tragic demise. The grandiose Zanger Hall will be decked out in full Titanic-inspired decor with chamber music by Trio Mio Myo and Golden Angel Waltz Orchestra, along with early-Americana modern beats. Dress code: “turn-of-century ball meets Mermaid Parade meets zombies.” Although really, it all depends on whether you’re upper class or steerage. Sea creatures and icebergs are also welcome.

Sat., April 21, 10 p.m., 2012

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