Year of The Takeout Day 100: Lok Sing Seafood Restaurant


Braised Duck With Assorted Meat from Lok Sing Seafood Restaurant (290 Grand Street, 212-431-8228)

We did it! Year of the Takeout hit the triple digits! (Phew!) And we couldn’t have done this without the help of you, faithful readers. So thanks.

But now that’s off our chest, on to other important business: stuffing our faces.

The food at Lok Sing isn’t remarkable — not bad, not great — but filling and good enough. At $14.95, however, this duck dish should def be shared with a friend.

The best part about the Lok Sing dining experience? Serendipity! If you want to order something that’s not a noodle soup or rice plate, the waiters repeatedly point to your selection on the menu, as if in disbelief. Even after (repeatedly) confirming, you will probably get something that doesn’t entirely match the description. That can either be fantastic or frustrating (depending, of course, on how you feel about spontaneity at that moment.)

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