Anthony Bourdain Attacks Paula Deen Again; Daniel Boulud Sues Buffalo Restaurant


Anthony Bourdain was fine form this week — back to attacking his favorite target, Paula Deen. On Tuesday, he appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and went at Deen again, calling her decision to cook fattening food while hiding her diabetes “in excruciatingly bad taste, unconscionable, and cynical.” That same day, Eater published an interview with the food personality, in which Bourdain said that he’s “pissed” about Frank Bruni criticizing his comments about Deen in a Times op-ed piece. (Bruni called them “ill-timed elitism.”) Well, Bourdain might be mad, but he’s clearly not sorry.

Daniel Boulud is suing the owners of Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar in Buffalo, New York, over the use of the name DBGB. [NY Daily News]

Contestants from Top Chef will be cooking in malls, farmers’ markets, and food festivals throughout the U.S. as part of a nationwide tour. [Zagat Buzz]