Download: Secret Music’s Sinister, Sexualized “T.O.Y.S.”


Brooklyn duo Secret Music is like a sleeker Japanther or Death Set, all distorto-churn and party-crashing lo-fi pulse (some actually sang through phone recievers) but with hooks that pay credence to contemporary indie rock’s ragged glory. Their self-titled debut (out last month via Black Bell Records) is 10 tracks of blown-out bubblegum with a sexually charged undertone. “T.O.Y.S.” has a bit of the fluttery, wubbly feel of bands like Future Islands and Dinowalrus, but used for far more sinister, chuggy means.

Q&A: Secret Music’s Daniel Fry About “T.O.Y.S.”

What is “T.O.Y.S.” about?

It stands for Tired of Your Shit. [It’s inspired by] that person that you keep attempting to reform and help, though they are ultimately helpless. When being used for someone’s personal stage production turns intolerable, when their problems become yours, as they skip town and let you deal with the police at your door with a warrant.

What inspired it musically?

Who knows? We were on a roll, one song butting into another. There were a few demos we did that week that just sounded like 90210 theme song rip-offs receiving a phone call from a self-help service.

What do you remember from the recording session of this song in particular?

We kept blowing the fuse while running the air conditioner as well as the rack of gear, so it was one or the other. It got brutally musky,

Your lyrics and album art are very sexually charged… Why is this impulse so important to explore for you?

[It’s] a concept we just can’t avoid touching on.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played in New York?

One time the sound guy showed up an hour late to the venue, then proceeded to cut us off after only 15 minutes of playing, so we just kept playing, lights off, sound board off. Our friends jumping the sound guy, turning the board on again, just to get shut off, and on. We finished our set, I’ll tell you that much.