BK Bacon Sundae Revealed


Amid frantic corporate restructuring, as reported by The New York Times, and a sagging market share, the Burger King in bending over backwards to delight foodies with a new genre that might be dubbed “extreme fast food.”

Here’s some evidence: the very recent appearance in Nashville, Miami, and other Southern markets of a bacon sundae — soft-serve with complete pieces of bacon (as defined by BK, you’ve seen them in other products before, and they’re fairly short, thin, and fat) radiating from the hump of soft-serve like snakes from the Gorgon’s head. Not sure how you eat this thing, since the strips of bacon aren’t incorporated into the ice cream — guess you just have to pull them out and eat them separately.

Of course, this weird fast-food invention depends entirely on the bacon mania that sprung up among foodies five years ago, the knowledge of which has finally filtered into corporate boardrooms and enabled this sort of culinary free-thinking.

[Via Foodbeast] Thanks to SF correspondent Tracy Van Dyk for the link.