Black Folks, Fried Chicken, Mary J. Blige, and Voice Alum Chloé Hilliard


Black folks have been in the news a lot recently and, despite the fact that an African American is in the White House (and according to recent polls stands likely to stay there for the next five years), a lot of that news has been extremely depressing in the past month. From “Stand Your Ground” to why John Derbyshire might be considered racist, Americans have had a cantankerous time discussing race (and especially black culture) in the past few weeks.

On a much lighter note, Mary J. Blige has hilariously brought the age old question of how much black folks can talk (sing?) about eating fried chicken in public out of the closet and into the bright, fluorescent lights of a Burger King .

On one end of the spectrum you have Wendy Williams referring to Blige’s ballad of fried chicen as “a sad day for my people,” adding:

“There are three things you will not see me do on this show, although I love all three. I will not eat fried chicken for you. I will not eat watermelon for you. And I will not drink my favorite — Kool Aid for you. And every ethnic group has something that they only do amongst themselves. For me, and some of my people, that’s it.”

And at the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got Mary belting it out for “crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses” like all three are dissed lovers she’s kicked to the curb (but can’t erase from her heart).

What is the deal with black folks and fried chicken, anyway? We will leave our own complicated feelings on this subject and explore that relationship’s history in another post on another day…except to admit this: one of the most glorious secret pleasures about when we visited Thailand a decade ago was that the Thai people love serving chicken, they love serving watermelon, and we could eat both to our heart’s content in Bangkok without ever having to look over our shoulder and see who was watching.

Until we circle back, enjoy Voice alum Chloé Hilliard’s amazing parody video above, which expresses in song ever feeling we have about the absurd trifecta of Mary J. Blige, Burger King and chicken snack wraps far better than we ever could in words.

Also, here’s a mashup of Huey from The Boondocks reacting to Blige’s BK Chickengate:


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