Blogroll Gazette: Graphic Interviews, Food Writing Disputes


This week in food blogs:

Food Republic posts an interview with Dale Talde, David Massoni, and John Bush about their Brooklyn restaurant ventures in graphic-novel form.

Food and Think explores the work of Charles Spence, a researcher investigating how sound affects flavor.

Serious Eats shows you where to eat around Yankee Stadium.

At Food52, Amanda Hesser gives some advice to aspiring food writers: Don’t expect to make a living writing about what you eat; be a doer like Gabrielle Hamilton and David Chang and write on the side. Chow offers a response to the piece: “In the end, Hesser’s lament reads as less an apocalyptic tale of the death of food writing — which by any objective reading is far better these days than in the golden age when a handful of editors held sway — than a sigh of nostalgia for the Good Old Days at the New York Times.”

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