French Toast Bagel at Pinnacle Bagels on the Square


Perhaps the weirdest bagel in Pinnacle’s ample arsenal: the French toast bagel. And yes it is actually that sickly yellow color.

Pinnacle Bagels on the Square is one of Greenwich Village’s most popular bagel bakeries. The “Square” part refers to Father Demo Square — a triangle, really, bordered by Carmine Street, Sixth Avenue, and Bleecker Street. The bakery enjoys the advantage of being located steps away from the south entrance of the West 4th Street subway station, and it’s a madhouse around 8:30 in the morning, as commuters line up for their bagel and schmear.

The place has mixed reviews on Yelp, but one thing that tourists, residents, and commuters agree on is the vast range of their offerings. Innovation proceeds there, and oddly flavored bagels are a specialty. I’ve seen bagels embedded with peanut butter and jelly, dried blueberries, and sun-dried tomatoes, to which my reaction is normally, “Yuck!”

Something made my hand reach for the French toast bagel recently. I wondered how the Frenchness would be expressed. The bagel was an odd shade of yellow-orange, suggesting the egginess of French toast. Once I cut into it, a fragrance wafted into my nostrils, something like artificial rum flavor. Had the staff confused French toast and eggnog?

Once the thing was cut open, the bready, open texture the place is famous for revealed itself. There were also veins of what must have been cinnamon, and the interior was a bit too sweet. Artificial maple flavor? Probably. In the welter of tastes in this bagel, it’s hard to differentiate.

Have it toasted with butter, but skip the cream cheese in this case. Especially the jalapeño cream cheese.

The interior of the French toast bagel laid bare

Pinnacle Bagels on the Square
7 Carmine Street

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