Joe Eszterhas: “I Have Mel Gibson’s Hateful Rants On Tape!”


Mel Gibson was going to direct a movie about the Jewish Maccabees revolt in the second century BC, announcing it as a sort of olive branch in his quest to live down past transgressions and convince the world he’s a lover not a fighter.

On hearing about that production, a lot of Jews were even more horrified than when they first saw Springtime for Hitler, though this time it wasn’t so funny.

Furthermore, Joe Eszterhas, who famously wrote Showgirls, was set to do the script and thought of it as “a Jewish Braveheart.”

That actually sounded good to me (if not to everyone). I loved Showgirls!

But Warner Brothers passed on Joe’s script and so did Gibson, deeming it woefully inadequate — though Gibson didn’t even contact Eszterhas with a response after the writer put in two years of research and toiling.

That is, until Eszterhas wrote Gibson a fiery letter and it went public!

As The Wrap reported, Eszterhas wrote Gibson that he bets the Oscar winner never wanted to make the film in the first place. After all, “You hate Jews.”

He went on to describe Mel’s horrific anti-Semitic rages (Mel supposedly calls Jews “oven dodgers”) and also his alleged screeds about wanting to kill his ex, Oksana.

Gentle Mel replied that most of that was utter bull.

And that brings us delightfully up to date.

The newest twist in this Judeo-assault is that Joe says Mel had better not cry “liar” because Joe happens to have the Beaver star’s screeds on tape! And he has witnesses, too!

Great detective work, kid.

But will anyone care?

Probably not. As long as Mel doesn’t go anywhere near this project, I’m sure Jews the world over will rest a little bit easier, tape or no tape.

Let’s hope someone more reputable ends up directing it.

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