Singing Protestors Strike Again; New School Students Interrupt Brooklyn Foreclosure Sale


Well, looks like that grumpy Chinese restaurant we profiled has been saved from being sold!

Yesterday, singing protestors struck Brooklyn Supreme Court with a foreclosure blockade again. The courts, as we’ve written over the past several weeks, have gotten more and more paranoid and protective against potential protestors–adding a second security check before entry into the sale room and banning cell phones, to list two examples–and today was no exception. The sale started 30 minutes ahead of schedule, perhaps to avoid protestors, but the determined singers, made up of social study students from The New School–a group that’s technically separate from the previous organizers and participants of such blockades–arrived at the court early and jumped straight to action.

The group bursted out singing in unison, and it took the guards longer than usual to put an end to the disruption. In all, 13 students were arrested.

Heath Madom, of Organizing for Occupation–the group that’s been behind most of the earlier blockades–were on hand for support, but his group were mere bystanders today.

“This was a separate action organized by the students themselves,” he said. “I don’t think they even advertised it, it was a New School thing.”

The tenants of 556 Evergreen Avenue in Bushwick, which was one of nine properties set to be sold at the auction, did not show up to the auction. But when told of the blockade, Luis Mendoza, a handyman who lives on the second floor, showed signs of relief.

“So some kids saved our building from being sold today?” he answered. “I wish I was there, I would have played guitar to the song.”

However, investors showed up to the property the morning before the sale, and Mendoza don’t think they’ll be going away anytime soon.

Meanwhile, King’s Chef Chinese Restaurant were business as usual.

“Oh they stopped the sale? Good. Okay gotta go, can’t talk, customers ordering food,” said the man we spoke to two days ago before hanging up the phone.

These foreclosure blockades have picked up steam in recent weeks, with the courts continually annoyed. Next week, the original organizers, Organizing For Occupation, will get back to work with not one, not two, but three action planned for sales in Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Michael Premo, one of the organizers, sent an email to rally the troops: “THEY KNOW WE’RE COMING, SO HERE WE COME”.

Below is a video of yesterday’s blockade, taken by one of the students, who somehow bypassed the security check for cell phones and recording devices.


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