A Secret Service Scandal South of the Border


As President Obama touched down in Colombia for the Summit of Americas yesterday, where he and 33 other world leaders would meet to discuss the economies of the Western Hempishere, his Secret Service agents might have been elsewhere.

Last night, the Washington Post received a tip from Ronald Kessler, an ex-Post reporter and expert on the shadow force. It involved a scandalous story of the shadow force’s members up to no good, in which twelve of them were taken off the job and replaced with others.

The reason: possibly hiring prostitutes.

Yes, while President Obama is busy talking geo-politics, his entourage will be reprimanded on charges of supposedly paying for girls in Cartagena. That’s definitely not good for PR.

Even though the practice is legal in Colombia, it is considered misconduct within the ranks of the Secret Service. An investigation into the South American antics of Obama’s entourage has begun, as the members’ case is transferred to the Office of Professional Responsibility, an office that presumably handles situations where their office title is comprised.
Unfortunately, the President’s men are at this office more then they’d like:
Last November, Christopher Deedy of the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security was arrested in Honolulu for second-degree murder in a fatal shooting while the President was attending the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. And just this past summer, Serviceman Daniel Valencia got a DUI in Iowa during a Presidential Midwestern bus tour stop.
The White House refuses to comment on the South American situation that involves their own employees, directing all comments and inquiries to the Service itself. One of the agency’s spokesman, Edwin M. Donovan, confirmed the allegation that these twelve agents were dismissed of duty but refused to comment on the prostitution charges.
It is still unknown what the punishment will be but criticism of the President for his hiring practices should be expected, especially with outlets like Gawker calling it “the biggest scandal in Secret Service history.” Cue the angry commentary from Fox News and clever headline involving play on words from everywhere else.
Update: According to the Daily News, the investigation is based around one Secret Service who apparently refused to pay for the prostitute. So they took advantage of a country’s legal policy against ethics and then refused to obey it? Ouch.
Runnin’ Scared will keep you updated as this story progresses.