BUST Magazine’s Craftacular in Pictures, From a Foodie Perspective


One vendor offered knitted coffee-cup cozies shaped like cupcakes, fingerless fried-egg mittens, and Lucky Charms headbands.

The juried craft show called BUST Magazine Craftacular and Food Fair was held today from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m. on Mercer Street in Soho. Over 100 vendors took part. Unfortunately, there was little food in evidence to justify the last three words in the title.

The foodie greeting cards, one of the samples of which says, “I’d be more excited about your new baby than I would if David Chang opened a new restaurant.” No space to write in the baby’s name, of course.

Present were Two Boots Pizza and the ironically named Mighty Balls, a meatball and slider purveyor whose slogan is “Not yo’ mama’s balls.” I would hope not. Then there were a couple of juice places, a coffee table, and maybe a thing or two more, including one truck outside as an afterthought.

There was, however, plenty of diverting and even wonderful food-themed merchandise, including greeting cards that allowed you to name-check your favorite chef or restaurant on the front of the card; a collection of totes, shirts, and bibs stenciled with locavoric slogans; a marshmallow lady; and a woman with pink hair who sold colorful food-shaped knitwear.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon.

Punning totes

View from the top of the stairs

The dining annex

There was juice aplenty.

A marshmallow vendor offered a bewildering number of permutations.

Gee, they sure look like Mama’s meatballs.

There was plenty of jewelry for sale, too.

Two Boots displayed their signature wares.