Mayor Cory Booker Saves Woman from Fire on His Free Time


This is the week of celebrities saving the community, one citizen at a time. First, with Ryan Gosling pulling away journalist Laurie Penny from oncoming traffic and, now, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark. The up-and-coming star politician, who, some argue, has “President” written all over him, saved his next-door neighbor from a ferocious fire after having “a proverbial come-to-Jesus moment.”

Booker was on his way home Thursday night when one of the detectives he was with noticed a flame in the house over. At around 10pm, dispatchers were called and Booker was on his way into the building, where some residents had not even realized their own house was on fire. Some awoke to Booker’s yells and Lamar Hodge, the woman who was saved, said she had heard her sister screaming from upstairs.
When Booker entered the room against his detectives’ restraint, he grabbed Hodge while being blinded by the smoke and ran outside. Once clear of danger, both him and Booker collapsed from smoke inhalation and were immediately brought to the hospital. The Mayor was released the next morning and Hodge will remain in recovery until Sunday.
In the news conference Friday morning, Booker, who appeared to have second-degree burns on his hands, said he did what any neighbor would do: “jump into action.” That is saying alot from someone in his position. But the Mayor is known for doing heroic acts in the face of adversity. Here’s a few examples:
For starters, he is the Mayor of Newark, a city still notorious for its high crime rate and unemployment. It has been told that he has had a teenager die from bullet wounds in his own arms. Just taking the position of head honcho of this place deserves a kudos. Also, apparently there was this time with a drug dealer named T-Bone, who threatened to kill the Mayor. Soon after, the thug broke down and begged Booker to help him get his life together.
Then, during that terrible blizzard (remember the Snowpocalpyse? The one that Bloomberg totally botched) last winter, this guy went around his city, responding to desperate tweet pleas from residents. He called the EMS for a woman in labor and sent in plow trucks so people could go to work the next day.
Yeah, he could run for President.

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