Occupiers Enjoy a Day in Central Park


Today’s beautiful weather has brought the Occupy movement to the city’s green epicenter in what has been deemed as the ‘Spring Awakening’ for the movement of the 99%. The day of activism, trending as #A14 on Twitter and boasting a Woodstock-esque poster, invites everyone to help “kick off exciting spring and summer events” in what the protestors hope will be a new beginning as temperatures rise.

Along with the new Union Square encampment and the planned ‘May Day’ on May 1st, the event  represents the grassroots movement’s recent push to revive itself after the Zuccotti Park break-up last November.
The Twitter account, @Newyorkist, has been following the protest’s procession through the Park with twitpics and hashtags.
According to the event’s blog and Facebook page, the day started at 1pm next to the Wollman Rink, with an open space gathering of groups from all over the five boroughs. It was stated that musical performances and teach-ins would be held to attract and invite newcomers into the movement.
Then, at 3pm, an extensive General Assembly meeting convened. It was not meant to “be a decision-making body;” rather, it would be focused on a “discussion and strategic planning for the next 3-6 months.”
And for the rest of the day? The website says that the Occupiers will “no doubt, [be] dancing into the night.”