Gold-Medal Cheese Sells for $8,400 at Wisconsin Auction


How much would you be willing to pay for the world’s best cheese? As part of an auction held in Milwaukee to raise money for cheese producers, Illinois company Hoogwegt US Inc. paid $8,400 for a 24-pound wheel of Dutch cheese, according to the AP (via Bloomberg).

The cheese up for auction–a type of Gouda called Vermeer–is considered the best cheese in the world. At the World Championship Cheese Contest held in early March in Madison, Wisconsin, it beat out two cheeses from Switzerland–a Winzer Käse, a semi-ripened soft cheese from Wattenwil, and an Appenzeller Käse, a hard cow’s-milk cheese from the country’s Appenzeller region–for the gold medal. For the first time in four years, the Swiss had to give up their number-one spot in the competition.

Despite its golden reputation, the Vermeer wasn’t even the most expensive cheese at the auction: A 32-pound trio of gold-medal cheeses sold for $500 per pound, bringing the grand total to $16,000.

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