Ricky Martin Bumps Evita Star To The Back Of The Bus


The Evita producers know where their empanada is buttered.

Every night, hundreds of screaming people wait outside the stage door to see their singing and dancing idol, Ricky Martin, emerge, all sweaty and triumphant.

They also happen to be the same people who paid top dollar to see the show.

So in yesterday’s New York Times, there was a sumptuous two-page spread for the revival featuring a silhouetted version of the above photo!

In other words, Ricky–who plays the bemused “Che,” a sort of glorified supporting character who’s an Everyman/Narrator–was muy grande and right up in your face, while poor Evita (the very good Elena Roger) can be spotted on a balcony, several miles away.

Do you see her? No, look further back and squint. Yep, there she is. She’s standing back for Argentina.

Ay! Why don’t they just let Ricky play the title role already?

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