Donald Trump Raises $600,000 For Romney Campaign By Throwing Birthday Bash For Candidate’s Wife


Let’s face it: the possible First Lady has had a rough week. The news cycle was head over heels with the recent housewife controversy that sparked between the Romney tent, Hillary Rosen and Bill Maher. You know, that whole comment about Ann “never actually [working] a day in her life.” Yeah, that one. And, to top it all off, it was her birthday yesterday. Ouch.

But have no fear, the exorbitantly loaded Trumps are here. According to CBS News, this afternoon, in their glorious Fifth Avenue duplex, Donald and Melania Trump will celebrate Ann’s birthday in the most prolific way possible: showing her and her husband a little (in Trump terms) green. Tickets for the birthday luncheon are selling for $50,000 a piece and the wealthy are lining up to buy Ann a dose of TLC.

As of now, the b-day fundraiser is expected to top $600,000, proving that a ticket to the Trumps’ palace sells… and fast. Within 48 hours, 200 rich people immediately bought tickets to the event and, with a capacity of just that number, the Trumps have been forced to add another leg onto it.

So, now, there are two parties: one from 12pm to 1:15pm, where the first 200 will be allowed in, and another onslaught of 200 will get a chance to hang with Ann from 1:30 to 3pm. Logically speaking, two birthday parties are always better then one.

Now, the Trumps are all about the Romneys. Ever since the Donald endorsed Mitt in early February, he has done robo-calls for the campaign and plans to donate heavily come November.
And what a duo they are: together, the two titans are worth more than $7 billion. Trump alone claims he has a net worth of $7 billion, with Romney raking in somewhere around $200 million. If you crunch the numbers, with that kind of coin, the Trumps could throw a fundraiser like this for the next 11,666 days.
The Romney camp has asked Trump to throw another banger. This time, it will be when Romney officially gets the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.