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How Difficult Is Streisand To Interview? Larry King Speaks | Village Voice


How Difficult Is Streisand To Interview? Larry King Speaks


In his book Truth Be Told, Larry King gives some very generous advice to his replacement (who turned out to be Piers Morgan):

“If you’re ever going to interview Barbra Streisand,” writes Larry, “do it live.

“At least then you’ll know when you’re going to start.”

Larry learned his lesson years ago when he set up a taped interview with the superstar at the Plaza.

He says the diva tried on different dresses for hours, obsessively checking out how they looked in the mirror and on camera before finally deciding on one.

He adds: “This is a woman who once taped 12 versions of ‘Happy Birthday’ for Frank Sinatra. I mean, come on, it’s ‘Happy Birthday’!”

Yeah, but Babs sings it like it was “Evergreen.”

Anyway, Larry and Barbra were finally about to start the interview (“10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . .”) when Barbra yelled, “Hold it!”

Something was terribly wrong.

She had noticed that there were flowers in the shot. Yellow flowers. She didn’t feel that yellow was quite the right color.

Says Larry, “The only way to keep your sanity is to play along.”

So he pounded the desk and started yelling, “Who the hell brought these yellow flowers?”

“She drove me nuts,” he concludes, elegantly.

But then he considered Barbra’s famed argument that there’s a disparity in the way we treat aggressively professional men and women in the spotlight, and that “a man is commanding; a woman is demanding.”

And he feels she’s a great guest who’s worth the wait.

Yeah, yeah yeah, but note to Piers Morgan: Any color flowers you want is fine with me.

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