New York

The Tena Twist Stops “The Unexpected Leak”


Listen up, ladies.

Any woman who has ever faced “the unexpected leak” now has something she can do about it:

The Tena Twist.

No, it’s not a new dance craze.

Tena technology can change your life, as their infomercials (like the one above) gingerly point out.

It absorbs every drop without puddling.

What goes through your system won’t go through ours.

After all, the unexpected leak is just as natural as the monthly visitor.

It’s every bit as natural as your period. It’s not an age thing; it’s a stage thing.

Our pelvic floor can be so weak that the unexpected leak just happens.

Think about it . . . two very different liquids.

So go for a perfect Tena.

And stop your damned puddling on the floor!

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