Was The Stonewall Raid Based On Drugs And Booze, Not Homophobia?


That’s what one of the commenters on this blog says.

The guy–whose father was a cop at Stonewall that night–says Dad was there as an undercover narc to bust a place filled with drugs and unlicensed booze.

I recently wrote that transsexual Marsha P. Johnson is thought by some historians to be the person who flung the first glass.

The commenter responds:

“Actually, this is true because my late father was the cop that was hit in the face with a glass, therefore starting what the gay community uses as their watershed moment.

“The fact of the matter is that Stonewall was a notorious drug den. My father, six years passed away, was an undercover narcotics officer at the time and personally bought thousands of dollars of drugs there over a six month time period as an undercover officer.

“Additionally, the place never had a liquor license, which was the real reason for the raids and were told after each raid to back off the bar by the higher-ups in city politics at the time.

“So while Musto and others write about how this was such a landmark for the gay community, perhaps they should know the real story behind what went on there.

“And while this post will no doubt be flamed (no pun intended), it is the truth. Which will no doubt be disputed by people most of whom weren’t even alive when it happened.

“My father, before he died, was approached on numerous occasions by authors wanting to write the story, but my father backed out, knowing what a shitstorm would occur as a result.”

Flame away, people!

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