Justin Bieber Imposter Lee Moir Busted In Child Sex Scheme


A 12-year-old New Jersey girl recently succumbed to Bieber Fever. Only problem is, it wasn’t Justin Beiber who caused the fever — it was a 34-year-old Canadian guy who convinced the girl to make sexual videos of herself and send them to him over the Internet.

According to prosecutors in Essex County, New Jersey, the faux-Bieber is Lee Moir, of Toronto, and he’s currently facing charges in Canada of luring, manufacturing child pornography, and extortion.

Prosecutors say Moir used the handle “Justy.Beber1” to lure the girl on ooVoo, a video sharing website.

After convincing the girl to make the videos — at “Bieber’s” request — authorities say Moir threatened to post them on Internet porn websites. He also threatened to harm the girl’s family, prosecutors say.

Once police caught wind of Moir’s alleged sleaziness, they had detectives pose as a 14-year-old girl and strike up a conversation Moir.

Moir engaged in sexual conversations with the undercover officer and
requested that they meet in Toronto on April 4. When he showed up, he
was met by Canadian authorities — not a 14-year-old girl.

Moir is yet to be charged with any crimes in the United States, but
authorities in New Jersey are “actively investigating” the case.

“This arrest highlights both the danger posed to children online as
well as the best efforts of law enforcement authorities throughout the
world to apprehend these child predators who exploit the wide reach and
perceived anonymity of the Internet to take advantage of vulnerable
children,” Assistant Prosecutor Deborah Freier, who handled the case
for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, says.

In addition to the girl in New Jersey, Moir is believed to have been
in contact with several other young girls in the United States and abroad,
including girls from Canada, France, Australia, and the Philippines.

Anyone who thinks they may have been duped by the Bieber imposter —
or has any information about his alleged crimes — is asked to call the
Essex County Prosecutor’s Office at 973-266-7213.