NY Post Goes Fracking Crazy in Pro-Hydraulic Fracturing Editorial


The Post is a bit beside itself this morning, unable to process the position of fracking opponents.

It’s not simply that the editorial board disagrees with them and published an opinion piece explaining why — the board can’t wrap its head around the fact that dissenting opinion should have weight in the first place.

For the Post, the real dangers of hydraulic fracturing don’t have much to do with health or environmental concerns. No. For that paper’s opinion staff, it seems like the main problem with fracking is that people complain about it — and that the democratic process might delay development.


Indeed, the editorial’s prose style reads like a breathy, Bill O’Reilly diatribe — exactly what you would expect from a publication that ran the “SHADY LADY: Rape Beauty” headline.

Concerned citizens get treated like militant crazies: “Preservationists attack New York fracking” and “Foes of hydraulic fracturing are opening a new front in their war to ban the practice in New York.”

Their egregious faux pas, according to the Post, is fearing that fracking might threaten the region’s tourism and heritage.

“The preservationists cite the ‘high volume of truck traffic,’ among other things, as a threat to ‘heritage tourism’ — which it calls ‘a growing industry in many parts of the Marcellus Shale.’

Yet whatever ‘heritage tourism’ would be lost, if any, would pale next to the proven long-term economic benefits of fracking. Let’s be honest: The region’s economy is desperate for new business.”

The Post offers up a solution to this “war” — opposition is all the more reason why Gov. Andrew Cuomo should rush to OK the practice. People’s “lame” opinions, the paper worries, can get in the way of progress.

“The lesson’s clear. The longer Gov. Cuomo waits to give the go-ahead for the practice — a well-established method of extracting natural gas — the more time foes have to dream up new reasons to say ‘no.'”


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