Report: New York Had 114 Child Abuse Fatalities In One Year


A report released by two New York district attorneys shows that New York is on the hook for more than seven-percent of all child abuse fatalities in the entire country.

The report — released by Queens County District Attorney Richard Brown and Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes — looked at data from 2010, which shows that 114 kids were killed as the result of various forms of abuse, a number Hynes says “should shock the conscience of every one of us.”

Nationwide, there were 1,560 child abuse fatalities.

“One of the most difficult aspects of my job is dealing
with the victims of crime and their families,” Hynes says. “There’s no punishment
that can undo their anguish. If we continue to allow thousands of
children each year to be berated, beaten, brutalized and neglected, we
will pay dearly not only in taxpayers’ dollars, but in crime, violence
and shattered lives.”

Overall, there were more than 77,000 reported cases of child abuse in
New York in 2010. Nationally, there were more than 700,000 reported

According to the D.A.s, abuse and neglect often leads to future
crimes being committed — research shows that kids who are abused are 30 percent more likely to become violent criminals than those without a history of abuse.

Hynes and Brown say that one of the best ways to combat child abuse is through voluntary home visiting services,
which helps new parents cope with the stresses of raising a kid.
Research, they say, shows that these types of programs can reduce child
abuse and neglect by as much as 50 percent.

From the report:

A study of one program model, the Nurse-Family Partnership
program, compared at-risk children whose mothers received visits with
similar children whose families were not served. Children who did not
participate had twice as many incidents of abuse and neglect as children
in participating families. By age 15, youth whose families did not
participate in the program had more than twice as many arrests. One site
of the quality nurse home visitation program found significantly fewer
cases of childhood injury and child mortality among families who

For more info on voluntary home visiting services, visit the Invest in Kids website by clicking here.