Teenage Idiots Play Subway Chicken (VIDEO)


Some young people probably won’t make it to adulthood because of the stupid, stupid choices they make, as evidenced by this now viral video of teenagers in Crown Heights.

In the vid, around a half dozen kids jump onto the tracks and hang out. The last return to the platform some 10 seconds before the train enters the station.

Of course, subway jackassery is nothing new, as proven by roof riders and exterior clingers, noted by Gothamist when it posted the clip (via New York Times.)

An MTA spokesman told reporters:

“Playing on or near subway tracks is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do, and while you can’t outlaw stupidity, you have to remember that 146 people were struck by subway trains last year and 47 of them died as a result…The individuals depicted in this video should be taken into custody and then they should have their heads examined.”


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