Time: Jeremy Lin Is Officially “Lin”-fluential (Sigh)


Someone needs to check the chemicals in the water cooler at Time magazine. And while they’re at it, perhaps check to see if some sort of virus from their website has filtered through to Time’s readers.

Several athletes made Time’s Top 100 Influential People list, the highest being Kicks point guard Jeremy Lin, who came in at No. 9 with almost 90,000 votes. I like Jeremy Lin, but he played in — what? 20 games? What and who exactly did he influence besides frivolous headline writers in New York tabloids who made every wretched pun conceivable that had “Lin” attached to it (Does this poll make him “Lin-fluential”?)?

Also on the list is Tim Tebow, who drew about 11,000 votes. That’s
what? About 1,000 votes for every touchdown pass he threw last year? I
like Tim, too, but precisely in what way was he “influential?” I mean
outside of inspiring conservative bloggers to flog everyone who giggled
at Tebowing?

Lin, by the way, wrote the entry for Tebow: “He is unashamed of his
convictions and faith, and he lives a life that consistently reflects
his values …” But for some reason Tebow couldn’t find the time to return
the favor by doing Lin’s entry, for which Time recruited U.S.
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who wrote that Lin’s story “is a
great lesson for kids everywhere because it debunks and defangs so many
of the prejudices and stereotypes that unfairly hold children back. He’s
dispelled the idea that Asian-American guards somehow couldn’t hack it
in the NBA…”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I was not one of those who woke up
every morning with a mental block about Asian-American guards in the
NBA. I do, kind of, have this prejudice about Asian-American centers,
but I’m sure that barrier will someday fall.

BTW, some others who made the poll: Ron Paul was No. 12 with over
70,000 votes, while Barack Obama clocked in at 21st with more than
25,000. Obama may be smarting at getting clobbered by Paul (does every
libertarian in the country read Time online?) but at least our
president can sleep tonight with the satisfaction that he was more than
3000 votes ahead of Stephen Colbert.

I nominate Time magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World” list as the least influential poll of the year.