Will Livery Drivers Pack Heat?


Well, this certainly could complicate the cab ride home when you’re drunk and obnoxious.

Livery Base Owners, a trade group, has asked the city to let drivers take licensed guns with them to work, “to protect themselves from would-be robbers and violent passengers.”

The issue came up in discussions with the Taxi and Limousine Commission, as the TLC and the organization work on a plan to let liveries pick up street hails in “Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx and northern Manhattan,” according to the Daily News.

The TLC likely won’t OK this request when it votes on the plan Thursday, the News notes.

These developments come shortly after New York State Sen. Eric Adams’s proposal to arm MTA workers with stun guns.

Now, we get that being a livery driver or MTA worker is dangerous. We’re not saying that they shouldn’t be able to protect themselves.

What still seems sketchy about letting them carry weapons? We don’t know whether amped up arming in close quarters like subways, busses, or taxicabs helps people defend themselves, or whether it’s just dangerous and dumb.

Until data makes clear that these proposals promote safety, it’s probably a good idea to keep these small spaces as weapon free as possible.

But for right now, enjoy this clip from Taxi Driver. (We had to, sorry!)


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