New York

You Can Get a Decent Apartment in NYC! Sort Of!


My column this week is an atypical helpful guide, as opposed to the usual acid rant.

This time, I’ve decided to dig deep into the real estate market, talk to various players in the field, and come up with some useful tips as to how to get a halfway decent NYC apartment that’s actually affordable.

The main tips are that you should absolutely:

(A) Be willing to share.

(B) Expand your idea of neighborhood suitability. (i.e., don’t rule out the financial district or Brooklyn.)

(C) Drum up some kind of budget. You can’t enter into this without a penny–especially since a licensed realtor generally wants 15 percent of a year’s rent.

Perhaps this is the right time to buy rather than throw money away on a rental?

Well, yes, I also explore that route, but I note that you must be able to prove a steady income and excellent credit, or you can just forget about it, huns.

And though I quote a thirtysomething guy who went through hell trying to get a better rental and who ended up just staying put, I did work in a note of optimism both for those who already have apartments and those trying to nab one.

After all, it’s NYC, and it’s worth all the horrific hassle.

And remember–it’s doable. Sort of.

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