Angelina’s Engagement Ring Has Been Knocked Off Already!


And you can get it for only $1,195!

That’s practically Cracker Jack pricing.

And it’s fancy, girl. It’s a rock crystal and sterling silver beauty described thusly:

“A distinctive emerald-cut center gem and sparkling emerald-cut side stones combine to create this beautiful statement piece.

“This is the version that will be featured on the Gemvara site but like all of their designs, shoppers will have the ability to make it their own by changing the metal and gemstones.”

But once you’ve personalized and purchased the ring, that’s not the end of your beauty regimen.

Not at all!

You must stick it out with pride while also remembering to jut out your right leg, Angelina style.

That’s a lot of skinny, protruding limbs and appendages to worry about, but excuse me–without annoyance and embarrassment, you’ll never look like a real star.

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