Year of the Takeout Day 109: New Wing Wah Bakery Inc.


Cheesecake and an egg bun of sorts from New Wing Wah Bakery Inc. (246 Grand Street, 212-941-1924)

Year of the Takeout had a bit of a sweet tooth tonight and decided to check out Grand Street, which is home to a bourgeoning bakery scene.

A slice of cheesecake and an egg bun ran $2.70 with tax. (Note: We thought we had ordered an egg tart, but wound up with this in the bag, which is def not an egg tart, so we’re not quite sure what it is called. If you know, fill us in!)

Anyway, the cheesecake is not what you would expect from Junior’s: It’s a moist, dense, buttery white cake with a thin layer of fluffy, vanilla frosting.

The bun has a flaky exterior and seems to have a mung-bean paste-like filling.

Neither pastry is overly sweet or spiced. Both are simple and easily sate even the strongest sugar cravings.