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Italian Designer Blasts American Fashion and Anna Wintour


Roberto Cavalli has got real cojones, and you have to admire the way they’re styled.

The man who specializes in exotic prints and sandblasted jeans hates anything too minimal, and he’s not afraid to say it.

“Just look at American fashion,” he told an interviewer, “which is almost fashion. It’s terrible, and you almost can’t look at it.”

And then he named names. One, anyway.

“It’s been driven by a great journalist, Anna Wintour,” Cavalli went on, “who wants all women to be like her and to dress the way she does.”

Oh, so that’s why skinny, rich white women seem to be her target audience.

But guess who won’t be getting any editorial coverage in Vogue any time soon? Roberto Cavalli!

What’s more, he could easily wake up on the bottom of the Mediterranean, and–what’s worse–wearing the wrong shoes!

One more Cavalli quote before I go back to sandblasting my tuxedo:

“Armani’s new hotel in Milan looks like a psychiatric hospital.”

I’m starting to love this guy’s exotically printable emissions.

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