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Newt Gingrich: ‘Genius’ or Idiot?


Newt who?

Just kidding! He’s still totally relevant in this election. Promise.

Anyway, Gingrich introduced Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal at the New York State Republicans annual dinner Thursday night. He wasn’t quite the rabble-rousing Newt of the past, according to Buzzfeed reports.

Rather, he seems to recognize imminent defeat. Newt wants a unified Republican party — even if it means supporting Mitt Romney as the G.O.P. presidential candidate — for the sake of his “grandchildren.”

Some are even calling Newt’s moves “genius.”


In an article titled “Newt Gingrich Is A Genius, And He’s Helping Mitt Romney By Staying In The Race” Business Insider claims that the candidate’s batshit ideas equate to savant-like strategizing.

You see, Gingrich claims he stuck out the primaries “to articulate big themes and big issues.”

One of those grand plans?

A United Nations accord that would make gun rights a “human right.”

“Frankly, in a place like Darfur, if the public were able to protect themselves, there would be fewer murders, fewer robbers, fewer rapists…We have an obligation as Americans to communicate why American liberty has lasted, and to communicate why the principles of that liberty should be spread across the planet,” he said at the dinner.

Business Insider opines: “Ideas like the treaty — and the moon colonies and the child janitors — are part of what made Gingrich such an alarming presidential candidate.”

But this idea, as well as promises such as a $2.50 gas pledge, could still be a good learning opportunity for Romney. Newt’s political career, the mag claims, has largely drawn success by being a “foil” to his opponents — not necessarily advancing sensible ideas.

For example, Newt’s notions on firearms come just as Barack Obama’s admin has pitched the “U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which aims to curb arms trafficking globally.” This us-against-them posturing bolsters his popularity with conservatives.

In the publication’s opinion, Romney should take this kind of confrontational approach.

“Romney could probably benefit from taking a page out of Gingrich’s playbook. Rather than talking about his own lame “varmint” hunting, for example, he should probably be talking more about the Founding Fathers and the Second Amendment.

In fact, the Republican frontrunner has yet to set the tone on any issue, and now runs the risk of letting the race define him, rather than the other way around.”

All interesting stuff. It’s still unclear, though, whether heated rhetoric — and a unified Republican party — will be enough to help Romney best Obama in November.


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