Dick Clark Revealed His Worst Celebrity Guest


One of late TV legend Dick Clark‘s top credits was hosting The $10,000 Pyramid, which had everyday people paired with celebs, team members giving their partner clues to guess the magic words lighting up on the screen.

A friend of mine was on the show in the ’70s and years later ran into Clark, giving him the chance to tell the icon about his experience.

My friend related to Clark that he did really well with Rita Moreno, who’s muy intelligente, but when he then got paired with Welcome Back, Kotter‘s Robert Hegyes, the cash prize became suddenly out of grasp.

Hegyes just wasn’t familiar enough with the game and couldn’t catch on fast enough, or maybe he wasn’t pretending when he played a “sweathog.”

Replied Clark to my friend:

“Well, do you know who was the worst celebrity of all on the show?”

Wait a minute. Worse than Robert Hegyes?

It would have to be some busty blond starlet straight off the casting couch, right?


Mickey Rooney!” exclaimed Dick.

What? Cute little Mickey Rooney?

It’s probably because he was only good when paired with Judy.

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