Did Chelsea Handler Sleep Her Way to the Top?


“Absolutely not!” says a source, defiantly.

And that source is…Chelsea Handler.

But she’s right.

The world-famous comic explains to More magazine that Ted Harbert [her ex, who was the head of Comcast] may have given her a break, but not a career.

“Ted is not responsible for me selling four books on the New York Times list,” Chelsea says. “He’s not responsible for me selling out arenas. All he did was recognize talent.

“He put Roseanne Barr on the air. He put Brett Butler on the air. This is a guy who notices female comedians, and he noticed me. You don’t get a TV show because you’re sleeping with someone. That’s when you get a walk-on role as, like, a female police officer.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s current boyfriend, André Balazs, can probably get her a free room at the Chateau Marmont, seeing as he owns the place.

And you’ll be happy to know that Balasz (who’s previously dated Uma Thurman and Courtney Love) is working things out with Chelsea.

“We had dated for nine months,” the comic tells the mag, “a long-distance relationship with all the stresses and traveling and running around. It wasn’t a real life; we weren’t living together.

“So André came to me yesterday and said, ‘I think we have to try to make this work again.’ And I agreed because we’re still madly in love, and he has done a lot of the things I’ve asked him to, and I’ve done a lot of the stuff he’s asked me to…It’s just a matter of managing and understanding each other better.”

Impressive! Give her a whole suite.

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