Rudy Giuliani, Frenemy Extraordinaire, Backs Mitt Romney


Remember all that nasty shit Rudy Giuliani, “America’s Mayor,” said about Mitt Romney?

If you don’t, Business Insider has a rundown of some stinging gems. For example: “This is a man without a core, this is a man without substance, this is a man that will say anything to become president of the United States. I think that is a great vulnerability.”

Harsh words. Giuliani nevertheless announced today on “FOX & Friends” (of course) that he’s endorsing Romney after all and hey, they’re great buds who got breakfast and had a “good long talk” last week.


Romney, on his website, gushed about Giuliani’s endorsement, but didn’t answer a key question — did they have mimosas or bloodies at said breakfast?

Romney swooned: “I’m very proud to earn the support of such a distinguished leader and public servant to our country…Rudy’s successes in turning around New York City are well-known and his name is synonymous with leadership, uniting a city in the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history. I look forward to his help in the months ahead as I work to restore America’s promise and reverse President Obama’s failed policies.”

Giuliani explained:

“When I look at where we are as a nation and the challenges we face, I am convinced that Mitt Romney will provide a clear contrast to President Obama…Whether it was creating jobs in business, rescuing the Olympics, or turning around Massachusetts’ $3 billion budget deficit, he has proved, time and again, that he excels at turning around difficult situations. He has also proposed a bold economic plan that will help families that have been crushed by President Obama’s failed policies. With his plan to create more jobs, reduce our debt, and scale back the size of government, America will be back on the road to prosperity. I’m proud to support Mitt Romney and encourage all those who worry about our country’s future to do the same.”

And no, to answer your question, Giuliani’s ass-kissing doesn’t appear to be rooted in vice presidential aspirations — he told reporters he’s not being considered as Mitt’s running mate.


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